Ask us and we’ll tell us that all of our games are equally as much fun whatever the season.  But we do know that certain games and products are particularly popular at Christmas time.

The Snowboard Simulator

Set in the Alps or just about any snow venue you can imagine. Christmas party goers enjoy demonstrating their balance skills until inevitably they fall off on the soft inflatable bed.  The winner is the competitor that can remain on the Snowboard the longest as the speed steadily rises.

Race Arch

Thousands of Santa’s and their helpers will enjoy running under a race arch for your event.

Father Christmas Sky Guy

Santa stands 7m in the air floating around in the movement of the wind.  Watch the gasps of the children as they approach your venue and are greeted by sky high St Nicholas.

Batak Wall

Not obviously Christmas themed but this game takes up a small amount of space and can easily fit inside your hall, so it makes a great idea for a game involving fast reactions.