Fact Sheet

Width: 7m

Length: 13m

Height: 0.8m

Equipment Required: Fan (electric or petrol) footballs

Sports Inflatable Hire – Football –

Tunnel Football

Designed for small sided football matches without goalkeepers for 2v2 or 3v3 to allow players to improve their touch and control whilst playing in a competitive game.

The tunnel football game is also ideal for games up to 5 aside for ages up to 8 years old.

The game has a relatively small footprint allowing the game to be played indoors or shopping or exhibition arenas.

This game is also referred to as Panna Football.

Please contact us for a detailed quotation.

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The games were great,

my favourite was Shoot4Goal.

Joshua Mpila, age 8 – Variety Club House, London

Thank you for coming to our

event at such short notice.

Pat Fisher – The Park Country Club

Just wanted to say a very big

thank you for Saturday.

Adrienne Williams – West Ham United

The inflatable pitches are great.

We’re thinking about getting another four.

Ashley Fothergill – Kirklees Council

The speed cage has arrived and

everything seems in order and

very easy to handle. Thank you.

John Ljungren – Party Party, Sweden

Many thanks for delivering

the race arch so quickly.

Ludo McClusky – Fire Fighters Charity

We blew up the inflatable and it’s

brilliant many thanks. I will be

purchasing more in the future.

Andy Bridge – Wherry Housing Association

Thank you everyone LOVED the

Speed Cage it was the highlight

of the weekend!

Sarah-Jane Alley – Salvation Army

Thank you so much for attending our

event! You did an excellent job!

Dara Thomas – Reading FC

Many thanks for seamlessly

recording all of the times today.

Rob Tredwell – Headington 5 Mile

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