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Whether you’re organising a marathon, triathlon, or any sporting event, we’ve got you covered. Our services, including Chip Timing, Race Clocks and Start/Finish Line Arches & Truss Gantries, are designed to make your event stand out. From accurate timing to eye-catching landmarks, Shoot4Goal is your go-to for a seamless and visually appealing race experience. Let’s make your event unforgettable!

Chip Timing

Whether you’re organising a bustling marathon, a challenging triathlon, or an intimate fun run, our chip timing services ensure accurate and hassle-free instant results for participants of all levels. We utilise state-of-the-art technology from Chronotrack, incorporating single-use tags to eliminate the need for tag recovery and the risk of fines for missing tags.


Our timing system comprises a combination of flashpoint readers, strategically positioned aerial antennas, and conventional floor mats, customised to suit the unique nature of your race.

Start / Finish Arches

The ultimate statement for your sports event where visibility is paramount. Our race arches don’t just mark the beginning or end; they create a highly visible presence that elevates the atmosphere and adds a touch of grandeur to your event. Perfect for promotional activities, our arches are customisable in various dimensions and colours to suit your event’s theme.

Race Clock

The Race Clock – a pinnacle of precision and durability in race event timekeeping. Manufactured in the UK to our exacting standards, this highly versatile clock is designed for various race events, offering simple functionality that counts up, down, or displays the time of day. Whether you opt for the Single Sided or the Double Sided, our race clock boasts high visibility with bright and readable 22cm LED characters.

Race Event FAQs

We’ve answered a few of our most frequently asked questions. If you have any further questions, please get in touch.

What services do you supply?

We offer a full race timing service with online and printed results.


In addition, we can offer:

  • Personalised printed bibs
  • Race Arches
  • Race Clocks


To save you money we do not collect race entrants data or payments we leave this up to you.  All we will need is the entrants data file.

We operate on a first come first served basis.  We will not cancel your event if a larger event comes along.  Obviously the earlier you book the greater the chance of getting your chosen day.  We definitely do run out of crew, vans and games on certain days. 

Typically, a race timing event is organised approximately two months or more in advance.

If you are having race bibs personalised with the participants name then we will require this a minimum of two weeks prior to the race.

The final race list must be submitted 48 hours before the race.


We will liaise with you to ensure you are collecting date in the correct format to ensure that we can provide the race reports as per your request.

You can sell race places right up to start of the race.  You will need to record your entries on a laptop and forward the data to us immediately.


If you run out of bibs then we always carry a spare supply which we can provide to you on a sale or return basis.

Unless previously agreed otherwise we aim to arrive two hours prior to your race.

You will need to advise us where the start and finish lines are.

You should also ensure that you have enough space for us to set up a gazebo next to the finish line. 


If we are supplying a finish line arch they you should not set up barriers near to the start or finish lines.


If you are supplying power you will need to ensure the power source is within 20m.

We use ChronoTrack which we believe are the very best timing technology currently available.


Our UHF RFID race timing tags are single-use tags that improve efficiency and allocation of staff resources.

Our RFID tags are weather resistant and lightweight for an enhanced competitor experience. Due to the way the tag is manufactured and the technology included during this phase, no bulky foam spacer is required when the tags are attached to the running number. This makes a big difference for postal distribution and race-pack storage at registration.

Results can be found live from our website on our race results page.


We will also supply all printed reports that the race director has requested in advance.


We also offer post race validation. For example where the race director wishes to disqualify a participant or where a participant has completed a 10k race rather than the 5k they entered.  Or simple data changes such as someone’s incorrectly spelt name.

At many mass participation events such as running, triathlons and competitive cycling events there is an official start time for the event. This is when the starter sets off the gun or hooter.
The gun time is the time from the official start time to when you cross the finish line. The gun time is used to provide the official results.

The chip time is the net time and is the time it takes you to complete the race from the time you cross the start line. The chip time gives each participant an accurate record of their own time.

We will have a minimum of two lines RFID sensors. In addition we will have finish line video and we possible we also take manual results.

Yes.  Our arches, clocks and even our race sky guy can all be hired individually.


Thank you for coming to our event at such short notice.
The Park Country Club
Pat Fisher
The games were great, my favourite was Shoot4Goal.
Variety Club House, London
Joshua Mpila (age 8)
Many thanks for seamlessly recording all of the times today.
Headington 5 Mile
Rob Tredwell
Thank you so much for attending our event! You did an excellent job!
Reading FC
Dara Thomas
Thank you, everyone LOVED the Speed Cage, it was the highlight of the weekend!
Salvation Army
Sarah-Jane Alley
The speed cage has arrived and everything seems in order and very easy to handle. Thank you.
Party Party, Sweden
John Ljungren
Many thanks for delivery the race arch so quickly.
Fire Fighters Charity
Ludo McClusky
We blew up the inflatable and it’s brilliant many thanks. I will be purchasing more in the future.
Wherry Housing Association
Andy Bridge
The inflatable pitches are great. We’re thinking about getting another four.
Kirklees Council
Ashley Fothergill
Just wanted to say a very big thank you for Saturday
West Ham United
Adrienne Williams

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When making an enquiry for an event please provide information regarding the venue, start/finish times, date, the games or equipment you wish to hire or purchase and the type of event you are planning.

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