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At Shoot4Goal, we’re passionate about inflatables and sports equipment, and our range embodies the essence of entertainment, adventure, and promotional excellence. As a frontrunner in the inflatable industry, we’re thrilled to present a wide array of products. Dive into our diverse categories below and find the ideal inflatable solution for hire or purchase.

Inflatable Entertainment HIRE

Sports Inflatables for Hire

Transform your events with our diverse range of sports inflatables available for hire. Select from visually striking and high-quality options, all manufactured here in the UK, to ensure your event is unforgettable.

Sports Event Rentals

Sports Equipment for Hire

Explore our collection of sports equipment available for rent, including football cannons, sports speed radars, swimming buoys, race clocks, sky guys, and rugby ball cannons. Enhance your event with top-quality gear without the commitment of ownership.

High-Quality Sports Inflatables

Sports Inflatables for Sale

Invest in high quality sports inflatables for your business or events. Explore our collection of durable, user-friendly inflatables that promise endless entertainment for your sports and community events.

Event equipment

Sports Equipment for Sale

Make a lasting investment in quality sporting equipment perfect for sports events and races. From football cannons to race clocks, we offer a range of high quality UK manufactured  products designed for durability and performance. Upgrade your game with equipment you can own and rely on.

Products FAQs

We’ve answered a few of our most frequently asked questions. If you have any further questions, please get in touch.

Where are you based and what locations do you cover?

We are based in Basingstoke in Hampshire UK.

We supply goods throughout the world.

Our hire and race services are available to any location within the UK mainland.

We operate on a first come first served basis.  Unlike some operators, we will not cancel your event if a larger event comes along. 


Obviously the earlier you book the greater the chance of getting your chosen games on your chosen day.  On certain days we definitely do run out of crew, vans and games.  However, we can sometimes book you in last minute so there is no harm in asking.

We have a carry £5 million public liability insurance and £10 million Employers public liability insurance, the policy also includes equipment sales. We can provide confirmation of this on request.


For dry hire events our policy is valid only when our crew are on the event site.

We were established in 2005. In that time we have attended thousands of events and manufactured hundreds of inflatables.

We offer a very tailored and bespoke service.  No event is the same just as no inflatable we manufacture is the same.

For hire events we are taking account of the numerous factors which include the event date, the game(s) requested, the number of hours, the travel distance.

We annually inspect our inflatables by a competent person.  We also visually inspect them during set up at your event.  Our inflatables are out of scope of PIPA and therefore do not require a PIPA tag as they are not defined as Inflatable Play Equipment as directed by the HSE.


We always have a fire extinguisher and first aid kit at our events and our electrical equipment will have passed an annual PAT test.  Our petrol fans are service on an annual basis.


Accidents although extremely rare are recorded in our log book.

A deposit payment will be required along with agreement by both parties on the inflatable and its colour and branding to be applied.

Yes (unless otherwise agreed).  We will run the games for you ensuring the safety of your participants.


For some games if you would rather supervise the games yourselves we will agree to this and we will remain at or near your event throughout.

Yes, but you will need to do this yourself.  Often the best method is to set up a ticketing system or provide users with wristbands.

Where possible if we can see in advance that the weather will impact the event we may contact you and try to offer an alternative solution that works for both parties. For example some of our games are not great in the rain whereas for others wet weather doesn’t impact the game experience.


On arrival we will take a wind speed measurement using a hand held anemometer as directed by the HSE. If wind speeds are obviously below 15mph we are unlikely to measure any further. Where wind speeds are greater than 15mph we will constantly monitor wind speeds.


The HSE state that no inflatable should be used in wind speeds above 24mph. If wind speeds exceed 24mph we will stop operations until conditions ease. We will not supply or operate games during periods of thunder or lighting or during amber or red weather warnings.

We supply all of the equipment required to safely operate your game.


This includes the inflatable, fan, balls, leader board and perimeter fencing.  For a full list check the fact list for each game on our website.

We operate for the agreed contracted hours.


Thank you for coming to our event at such short notice.
The Park Country Club
Pat Fisher
The games were great, my favourite was Shoot4Goal.
Variety Club House, London
Joshua Mpila (age 8)
Many thanks for seamlessly recording all of the times today.
Headington 5 Mile
Rob Tredwell
Thank you so much for attending our event! You did an excellent job!
Reading FC
Dara Thomas
Thank you, everyone LOVED the Speed Cage, it was the highlight of the weekend!
Salvation Army
Sarah-Jane Alley
The speed cage has arrived and everything seems in order and very easy to handle. Thank you.
Party Party, Sweden
John Ljungren
Many thanks for delivery the race arch so quickly.
Fire Fighters Charity
Ludo McClusky
We blew up the inflatable and it’s brilliant many thanks. I will be purchasing more in the future.
Wherry Housing Association
Andy Bridge
The inflatable pitches are great. We’re thinking about getting another four.
Kirklees Council
Ashley Fothergill
Just wanted to say a very big thank you for Saturday
West Ham United
Adrienne Williams

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When making an enquiry for an event please provide information regarding the venue, start/finish times, date, the games or equipment you wish to hire or purchase and the type of event you are planning.

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