Fact Sheet

Internal Measurements

Width: 3m

Length: 5m

Equipment Required: Bow, Arrows and Target Boards. Inflatable housing optional.

Non-Inflatable Games Hire –


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This is a fun game designed for wannabe Robin Hood’s.

The arrows we use contain plastic suckers so that the game can be used in an open environment without risk.

With have bows suitable for young and old and can be easily managed by youngsters from 6 years old.

To create a fantastic visual impression the game can be housed within one of our inflatables.

Please contact us for a detailed quotation.

The games were great,

my favourite was Shoot4Goal.

Joshua Mpila, age 8 – Variety Club House, London

Thank you for coming to our

event at such short notice.

Pat Fisher – The Park Country Club

Just wanted to say a very big

thank you for Saturday.

Adrienne Williams – West Ham United

The inflatable pitches are great.

We’re thinking about getting another four.

Ashley Fothergill – Kirklees Council

The speed cage has arrived and

everything seems in order and

very easy to handle. Thank you.

John Ljungren – Party Party, Sweden

Many thanks for delivering

the race arch so quickly.

Ludo McClusky – Fire Fighters Charity

We blew up the inflatable and it’s

brilliant many thanks. I will be

purchasing more in the future.

Andy Bridge – Wherry Housing Association

Thank you everyone LOVED the

Speed Cage it was the highlight

of the weekend!

Sarah-Jane Alley – Salvation Army

Thank you so much for attending our

event! You did an excellent job!

Dara Thomas – Reading FC

Many thanks for seamlessly

recording all of the times today.

Rob Tredwell – Headington 5 Mile

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