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Covid 19 – Sanitation Entrance Tunnels

Covid 19 – Sanitation Entrance Tunnels

Covid 19 – Sanitation Entrance Tunnels

Like many businesses we have been impacted by the Coronavirus and we have had to adapt to the current circumstances.


Using the same ingenuity and innovation that enabled us to bring original sports games to the public we have developed Inflatable Sanitation Entrance Tunnels.  The tunnels come complete with misting systems that when used in conjunction with disinfectants sanitise and decontaminate people and property prior to entering buildings.


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The tunnel is equipped with arc-shaped atomising nozzles that saturate the environment.  A mist is created by connecting a control system capable of automatically mixing the sanitising product with water in the correct proportions, as directed by the manufacturer.


Access to the tunnel can be regulated manually or by using a motion detector. It is also possible to sanitise the surface by placing a barrier floor inside the tunnel.


Entrance tunnels can also be used to install hand sanitation and washing stations. In addition, they could be used as a point for temperature checks or handing out Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) such as masks and gloves.


Our brilliant inflatables are manufactured by experts in the UK and will be customised exactly to your requirements.  They are extremely high quality, visually stunning and will be branded to promote your company image.


Inflatable tunnels can be quickly set up and are easily transportable to temporary venues.  We can also add overlapping entrance and exit flaps.


Equipment supplied includes; inflatable, misting system, fan and anchoring. Excludes water source or tank and disinfectant solution.


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